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It has been noticed that people with a good deal of technical expertise and self-clarity are unable to be as effective as they are expected to be. The reason can, to a great extent be attributable to softer issues like communication skills and in most cases lack of proper presentation skills. The “Learning by Doing” methodology which clearly follows adult learning principles envelops group discussions, individual and group exercises and innovative pedagogy specially designed to aid the participants to develop effective presentation skills.
It is designed in a manner that it is customizable for people from diverse backgrounds since it addresses the core aspects of good presentation skills.

The methodology is “Learning by Doing” and it clearly follows adult learning principles. The workshop format includes group discussions and individual and group exercises designed to make participants learn presentation techniques.
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The program shows managers how they can use coaching techniques to help teams clarify their team goals and focus on specific objectives, empowering each team member to take responsibility for doing their part to build a better team . This programme has ready-to-run ideas and truly practical exercises to make coaching relevant and immediately appealing to managers. Here are fresh approaches to essential coaching skills. Participants develop skilful questioning techniques; demonstrate & practice the GROW sequence; show that using simple coaching strategies is more effective than 'command and control' management.
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This is a high end Leadership Development Workshop.

The Leadershift workshop will not only help participants to learn the principles of Situational Leadership but also to practice them in a safe and neutral environment in order that they are confident of applying the learnt skills and knowledge with the right attitude at their work place.

The Leadershift workshop will share key Leadership skills with the participants through a unique mix of concept-sharing and concept-application.

The Leadershift workshop will also show Leaders how they can use specific strategies to handle different development levels and how to adopt a suitable managerial style to each developmental level.
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